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So, yes, it’s been a while.

Life happens, both on a global scale and on a personal scale.

I am fortunate. I am healthy, and so far everyone in my immediate family is as well.

I have a new day job – for which I am deeply honored and thrilled – as lead developer for Adobe’s portion of the Content Authenticity Initiative.

And I moved a couple of months ago. So, as you might imagine, personal life, work life, and the more recent global situation have demanded more attention than usual.

Xgit is a labor of love.

Sometimes such efforts need to take a back seat to more urgent priorities for a time. I think I’m out of the woods that way. I’ve been able to devote some time here and there on weekends to continuing the effort; I’m hopeful that this can be sustainable for now.

Config Kicked My Butt

The most recent thing I’ve been building is the configuration system. (Think git config.)

This turned out to have more design challenges than I anticipated. My first cut of the abstract storage engine was, frankly, a bit over-designed. A closer study of how git config actually works resulted in a simpler design that I’m now happy with.

Latest Releases

There have been several new releases since mid-December, when I last wrote here:

What’s Next?

The next likely avenues of development are: