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Sometimes the best code review feedback happens when you aren’t explicitly asking for a review.

I mentioned last month that I attended GitHub Universe.

So what happened was …

I was showing Xgit’s documentation to somebody at the conference on my laptop. He seemed quite excited by the concept and was going through this site and the documentation I had published at the time on HexDocs. And then he said five words that I couldn’t put out of my head:

That’s quite a few modules.

Well, that rattled around in my brain for a while and it triggered some refactoring that landed in today’s 0.6.0 release.

What Changed?

There were two fundamental objectives in this refactoring:

  • Make the module hierarchy flatter and more intuitive for typical end-user developers.
  • Eliminate the single-function modules.

This played out as the following concrete changes:

  • Rename Xgit.Repository to Xgit.Repository.Storage.
  • Merge all the plumbing commands together into a single module.
  • Introduce new Xgit.Repository module. This will contain the porcelain-level commands when they are implemented.
  • Rename Xgit.Core.* modules to Xgit.*.
  • Move index file format parsing into Xgit.DirCache module.

Latest Releases

There have been two new releases in late November and early December:

  • v0.5.0: Implement Xgit.Plumbing.SymbolicRef.Put. This is an API analogue to the 2-argument form of git symbolic-ref. This was marked API breaking because it introduced a new requirement on the Xgit.Repository behaviour.

  • v0.6.0: Implemented the refactoring described above. This was marked API breaking because several modules were renamed and functions moved from one module to another.

What’s Next?

There are a few more reference-related operations and concepts to implement: